Wednesday, February 8, 2017

29 Faces Feb 2017 - Day 7 & 8

Had some fun with cardboard glue, assorted ripped papers, charcoal, metallic pencil & acrylic paint... results below, & now under the tireless host Martha29 Faces continues...

Day 8 - "Taking the Plunge"


Day 7 "...and then my ice-block melted"
Thanks for dropping by & if feeling inspired it's not too late sign up, catch ya next time and have sunshiny day ;)

Monday, February 6, 2017

29 Faces Feb 2017 - Day 5 & 6

So...  I will change direction tomoz methinks... but have loved these textures, colours, miss-matched decades/ideals I have slapped on canvas boards (feeling like a poorman's time lord, without Tardis but with scissors & glue) adding hopefully faces (no time for hair etc) that can bring it into perspective, showing not everything old is great or enlightened, but we can tramp-oline into a better world bouncing (let's leave Trump out of it) into awesomeness if we can accept rather than judge our differences... (maybe I should not have had that glass of wine before posting ;) )
Day 6
"I wanna be a cowboy"

Day 5
"Should I wear white?"

So that's it, thanks for dropping by & will be checking out ALL the 29 Faces blogs I promise, creeping around & stalking ;) Probs post every coupla days but hoping to 'art' every day to be part of the awesome '29 Faces' in Feb experience... run by the super energised & sweet Martha at Ayala Art (not too late to join) and anyway my sweet babe Memphis has challenged me... and so up for it... at the moment anyway... ;)
Catch ya soon x

Sunday, February 5, 2017

29 Faces Feb 2017 - Day 4
"Shock of the Old"... Looking through old 60's Princess Christmas Annuals... Mind blowing in so many ways... what females could be in the future...

Close up...

 29 Faces Feb 2017 - Day 4
"Is that all there Is?" loved the pretty origami papers & tissues, took me back to scissors & glue, visions of past...

 Close up...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

29 Faces Feb 2017 - Day 2

Day 2... "Through her eyes everything was golden"
Acrylic on vintage joss paper adhered to canvas...
Close up... Day 2... Golden Eyes

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 1 - 29 Faces

Thank you Martha for holding this Challenge,  I needed a kick start to get back to my paints & create... so many other things in my headspace so I guess this is 'SunshineShelles' form of yoga (without lycra, or whatever... well maybe with a vino)...  I am so happy my daughter 'MangaMem' said she would join me in this, so we are excited & ready to go... anyone else that would like to join in... a face a day, over the month, please do it, believe me, it is fun & no one worries if you huff & puff or don't even make it to the finish line (sad but true... closest I came was 2 short)  ;) Rules & linky are HERE and Face Feb 1 below...

Face 1 Feb 1... Past Vision

Friday, October 21, 2016

We're gonna need a Bigger bandaid!

It is that magical time of the year when the terribly WICKED Magaly Guerrero hosts 'Witches in Fiction' A Blog Celebration with no dress code, no height restrictions, everyone is welcome, just leave your prejudices at the door and join the think tank for... 'Spelling Healing into a Rotting World'

This theme had me stumped, for many reasons... The world is & continuing to be F-ed over, corruption sees our poorest go hungry and food trashed to keep it's value, greed sees the sickest go without medicine, profit margins bloat the wealthiest, funnelling millions into offshore accounts, while merely living has others in debt above their heads, education is doled out to those with means who can pay regardless of talent or intelligence, corporations destroying the future, the environment, climate, soil, food, air for our children... this rotting world is in need of healing, BIG TIME.

I believe the solutions are still within our reach.

After much thought on this mega frustrating puzzle, I think the answers are there but interpretation, like some exotic language, not quite grasped, implementation of the solution is still being s l o w l y interpreted,

 I know 1 thing... WE CAN CHANGE THINGS, we can heal this rotting world, 1 good deed (maybe 2), 1 good word (maybe 3), 1 smile (4), 1 simple statement (nah, more), 1 protest against lies in the government whose politicians wages we pay (F no, shout out against that crap), holding the media to account for journalism being no more than paid infomercials, having the strength to say, no more, this is shit, we can be better than this... let's start a 'healing' epidemic, get your First Aid Kit, and plaster over the weeping sores that are festering in society and say the change is here, because each small action multiplied by many, is powerful, and is a great start to heal this rotting world.

My babe Memphis did not blog but wanted to join in & wrote/illustrated her response to Magaly's call, I love the response...

So I am off to bed and will come see you all over the weekend, remember a kind word, a hug, to just give a shit about each other and the future of our planet is a great place to start, give of yourself, costs nothing, is priceless and may just make the world a better place ;)

Uggh I almost forgot to say, go enter (please please) for a chance to win some totally desirable creations (including the painting ''Healing", Moleskin noteboook & pocket brush pen from me), and other delights from the beautiful healing warriors who have sponsored this WIF 2016 blog celebration... that's all, avagoodone & hugs to all from Oz xox

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Burton Blog Bash... just because I want to :)

OK, yes it's been a while, and YES I HAVE MISSED YOU... hehe

So I'm Back, From Outer Space (Oh crappola has anyone else now got Gloria Gaynor appearing in their mental feedback?) Just kidding... virtual space, really just hibernating as I tend to do, us cave dwellers need some treats left out to entice us back into blog land, and nothing could be sweeter or more delicious than the devilish dynamic duo of Emma (Little Gothic Horrors) and Holly (Holly's Horrorland) who are celebrating (get your homemade foil alien & alliteration protection hats on)... the Burton Blog Bash!

Sooooo... I was thinking about Timmy's latest movie (well I fell in love with Mr Burton so long ago I feel I can call that creative darling something a little more intimate) his movie (by the way I hope to see on the weekend)... 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'. When out of the blue it struck me... perhaps because I was stalking Emma's blog (don't tell her), I thought... what about the 'original' peculiar children, Wednesday & her sibling Pugsley birthed into the world by Charles Addams???

Then serendipity thrushed (is that a word or a venereal disease?) anyway exposed let's say, on my facebook feed, a post of a new 'Burton Bar' in New York while I was procrastinating in creative contemplation... and I thought, YES... This is where grown up Pugsley could now find a job, and sweet Wednesday could sip her chosen poison and insult other patrons until she slid so low on her bar stool only the ends of her plaits would remain in sight...

I loved those 2... and they so SHOULD have been in a Burton film... but now... the peculiar adults, have a sanctuary in New York.

Truthfully I have NO idea how a toilet roll seems to appear in most my photos... soz, just realised :/

So yes, so happy to have been invited... now off to check other 'Bash' participants, and, well maybe pour a glass of something red ;) Have a peculiar weekend my loves x

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Use your Big words if possible...

I often have a problem with 'words' not only am I extremely 'spelling' challenged, my pronounciation (frag I spelt that wrong) often sees me using small words (like you guessed it... those of the 4 letter variety)... anyway... I have been language deserted of late, and it has kept me from partaking to the max in my Wicked darlin' Magaly's Dark Poetry extravaganza... then I remembered something, a 'loophole' if you like... Ms Wicked stated us verbally inadequate (& Chihuahua tamers) could "create art based on the prompts, just add a bit of poetry to it"... sooooo, I am just going to 'wing it' and throw in some prompt related art... and think of a poetic word or two on the fly... soz in advance, but in catchup mode...

Idiots Herding the Blind...

Blind fools that seek knowledge what lipliner a Kardasian wears yet no interest in politics, seduced & gullible, empty headed they hand their children and earth as fodder to the elite to use in wealth creation for those born for greater things... all the while watching reality TV pumped out by media barons, with delusions that they to can have it all, the good life, equality, if only, if only they get that lipliner. 
Stupid majority emptiness fed
While overseers bleed them... dead.

The Poesy of Side Effects

Swallow it, you can sleep, smile, fly
Swallow it, you can change, or die.

Let's Haibun her a tale
Well a poetic image response to a visual prompt...
Eyes half closed, memories of past and vision of now, madonna's fleshy cage, protector of bouquets releases her seeds.

Of Peculiar Fun & Me.  
I entertain myself, inside my head, 
I visit the night creatures, sometimes with dread
Nothing's impossible, it's peculiar fun
and keeps me indoors out of the sun.

Legendary Beings in Love
Fell in love, my beautiful Kong
your lover left you, without a so long.

On her Day Gaia Wails
Well, this artwork I did a few years ago... I called it "Who will sing for the Children" & I would like to share it for Day 10 with a few words from the point of view from Gaia... 

I gave you paradise & you fu@ked it all.

Guess Gaia resorts to small words too ;)
Thanks for visiting dudes and please check out the inspired posts of the talented participants taking part in the 'Dark Poetry' extravaganza  ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

BE-LATED BIRTHDAY DIRGE - Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 2)

Embarrassingly late, first I needed to research what a 'dirge' was... I had thought it was something soft & brown you wiped off your shoe before walking it through the house, but instead it proved much harder (& more colourful) than I originally thought... This is dedicated to Wicked Magaly who is running this incredible month of 'Dark Poetry' and a most forgiving friend.

Youth has dissipated, each year she's wiser and older
Grey hairs & time ages, no matter, on she will soldier
Mango juice guzzled from goblets, toasting gluttony (of approved foods) to the max,
The candle lit Dominion Cake now swims in wax
Gifts of moon daisies, green frogs for her brew,
Let's all raise our hammers and sing Magaly her due

In the tradition of the Viking Dirge...
as the moon rose and the partiers fell...
It is time now, to bid you farewell ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

SECRET GARDEN – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 1)

So I'm late... BUT... I looked it up... it still is the 2nd of April somewhere in the world, but a little past midnight in NY & freaking Sunday arvo in Coolum... ahh well, no excuses... I'm late & I shall save my excuses for another time ;)

So, I semi remember how to blog...

1. Pour a glass of red wine

2... Well, the rest is unimportant, you are here, I am here & I am joining in Magaly's 'Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month 2016' along with a heap of writers & those that want to weave prompts into their art, craft & training of small animals (yes absolutely all are welcome)...

OK... So an art/poem to share, containing 1 of the 9 lines offered by T.S.Eliot as a prompt (spoiler alert, it's the FIRST line) Also just because I'm totally chuffed to be part of this, I'll give you the heads up, go visit the other dudes partaking, Look, don't tell them I said, but they actually really can write, I really train small animals, my flea circus is a sight to behold ;) Now on with the show...

"Secret Garden"

"That corpse you planted last year in your garden"
Deep down with discarded hope,
That soulless relic of a vessel you drained...
Will it kiss the full moonlit night soon?
Or, will the soils you prepared, to embrace and cradle your sin
Birth a field of putrid carrion?
Down, way down, down,
Deep down in your Secret Garden?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Holly's Fifth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree celebration!

Holly B. Strange at HollysHorrorLand is having her Annual 'Vampire's Day Soiree' & along with Ayala Art's 29 Faces (which I am joining very LATE today but with hopes of sprinting to the finish line) I have decided to blog for the first time since NOVEMBER! Mmmmm, too much work and no art and whambam it's Bloody Valentine's Day :/

Well obviously I love all the soppy crappola sweetness and showiness of public affection, as well as pillaging fields of rose buds before they get a chance to bloom to retail at double the usual cost, and the one size fits all indulgence in anything chocolate dipped, coated, & for those not into chocolate, heart shaped boxes of edible undies that those truly in love present each other... all celebrating a poor bugger that was beheaded for his belief, his love, of his god, and after his exhumed body parts were divided up & spread throughout churches all over the world.

So I remembered a quote that I hated when I first heard it (because I thought you should always say 'sorry' even actually when sometimes you weren't sorry, or if it wasn't your fault) but came to understand as I left childhood behind & found a sense of maturity that comes with age...

"Love means never having to say you're sorry"

So in celebrating the true meaning of love, and realising love can suck you dry... and sometimes doesn't even give a toss about saying 'sorry', I wanted to create a piece of art for February 14, some celebrate it as Valentine's Day, others as Holly's Vampire's Day Soiree so I hope I have combined both, in my (slightly twisted) themed artwork... (which I am also counting as 1 of my 29 Faces in Feb)...
"Love means never having to say you're sorry"... especially if you are a bloodsucker...

Hush little baby... (detail)

Not Sorry... (detail)
Happy day, whatever you celebrate, and thank you for calling by here & visiting my Feb 14th post Party Post... now I am off to see Deadpool and then I shall sneak by later & visit all the party participants, & of course play 29 Faces catch-up  :)